Hear It

Sound Examples

Let's have a closer look at the demo song made by producer and songwriting team Shep and how Reason Drum Kits can be utilized to change the character of the song.


First of all, here's what the song sounds like originally


This kit consists of the same selection of drums as the original kit but with another treatment. We loaded the original drums into the Gunnerfeldt Producer Kit and - hit - record.


This is a dry kit made up of another selection of drums. They were actually loaded into the Shep Producer kit with the ambience and overhead mics turned down.


Here the Producer Kit "J Freudenheim Psychedelica" is used.


This is a demonstration of a rather angular small kit sound. The snare is tinny and totally dry while the toms are long distance. The kit is tweaked to imitate the sound of a certain band from the 80s.


Shep Multi Kits demo is the the Shep song with all the above kits one after the other. It starts out with the original kit through the intro and then the kit changes every 8 bars or so.

Even More Demo mp3s


The Groove (3 mb)


Grunge Ballad (3.6 mb)


Hard - Harder (1.1 mb)


Lucky Pony (3 mb)


Strokey Dokey (1.3 mb)


Drum Kits Mix (1 mb)

This demo clip demonstrates the sound sculpting capabilities of Reason Drum Kits. It was created using a single kit from Reason Drum Kits. As the track progresses you can hear drastic changes in sound, using only mixing and EQ, nothing else.

Producer Kit Sound Examples

To give you a taste of the personalized flavor of the producer kits, we've put together four example files. Please note that the sound files are saved as .wav files to let you experience the sounds of the producer kits in full quality.


Pelle Gunnerfeldt


Bob Brockman


Jocke Skog


Dave Darlington

Producer Kit Contributors

Bob Brockman - Engineer, NYC

(Heather Nova, Biggie Smalls, Mary J Blige)

Dave Darlington - Engineer, NYC

(Kylie Minogue, Masters At Work, Chaka Khan)

Ed Bauman - Musician, CA

(Bauman Productions)

Eric Gadd - Producer/Artist, SWE

(Gadd, Cornelia)

Jack Freudenheim - Drummer/Engineer, NYC

(46bliss and RealDrummer.net)

Jocke Skog - Producer/Artist, SWE

(Clawfinger, Face Down)

Magnus Frykberg - Producer/Musician, SWE

(Titiyo, Lisa Miskovsky)

Pelle Gunnerfeldt - Producer, SWE

(The Hives)

Shep - Producers, SWE

(Lambretta, Rachel Stevens, Shaggy)

Simon Nordberg - Producer/Engineer, SWE

(Britney Spears, Kent)