When it comes to music, words can only say that much. Here's where you can experience the sound of the Reason Electric Bass ReFill. The Demo Grooves are short demonstration grooves to showcase the sound and possibilities of Reason Electric Bass. The Demo songs further down on the page are full production tracks featuring the Reason Electric Bass instruments.

Demo Grooves


Money Groove

Slow groove using the Fender Precision to lay down the bass lines. Ample use of ghost notes and glissandos in this one.


Muted Pop Groove

This example demonstrates the use of the Modulation Wheel to control note dampening which can be heard throughout the sequence. The first eight bars of this example also shows the use of the alternate notes to deliver a more natural sound when playing the straight 1/8 notes. The Fender Jazz Bass is the instrument used.


Neo Soul Grooves

This is a nice collection of RnB-Soul influenced grooves showing many examples of ghost notes, glissandos and slides. The instrument is the "Bernard's Axe" style bass, based on the Precision bass samples.


Pop Groove

This example demonstrates damping and the use of alternates for playing consecutive 8th notes in various ways. The patch used is the Reggae Police style bass patch using the Kay Hollowbody


Red Hot Groove

The distinct sound of the Rickenbacker is at work here, playing a red hot groove using the Anthem Rock style bass patch (yes, it's actually called that).


RnB Grooves

This song file consists of three different beats. All using lots of ghost notes and frets. Listen to how the fret noises are breathing between notes, while the ghost notes emphasize the rhythm. The bass played is the Gibson EB-0.


Soul Stew Groove

Check out the use of the Gliss and Hammer-Ons. There is a Slide thrown in at the end as well. The Fender Precision is at work here.


JB Groove

An example of how well suited the Les Paul bass is for funky grooves. This time without Attributes and Key Switches.

Demo songs