Reason Electric Bass Expander ReFill

REB Expander

Bonus ReFill made by Jiggery-Pokery for Propellerhead Software, free for Reason Electric Bass owners.

The REB Expander ReFill is a free patchbank designed for Propellerheads’ Reason Electric Bass, utilising the Line 6, inc. Bass Amp device and just the Direct Input (DI) samples from the REB ReFill. REB Expander itself contains no samples: the Reason Electric Bass ReFills must be present in your ReFill folder for this package to work.

Opening up the ReFill in the browser window of a new Combinator you will find 52 new Combi patches for Reason 6. Each bass guitar featured in REB has multiple presets featuring the Line 6 Bass amp and/or Scream 4 and Pulveriser; other Reason 6 effects devices are also occasionally used. You will find a great mixture of low, medium and high-gain bass guitar sounds, plus some effects-heavy oddities.

About Jiggery-Pokery

A songwriter and musician for over twenty years, and a huge fan of Propellerhead Software products, Jiggery-Pokery has been producing skins and ReFills for Reason since 2003.


Click the link below to download your copy of the REB Expander ReFill. The download is available to registered users of Reason 6 only, and can only be used with Reason Electric Bass

Download the REB Expander ReFill