Hypersampled Production Pianos for Reason

Reason Pianos is the perfect piano package: three stunning sounding, highly realistic pianos for Reason's Combinator. Reason Pianos were recorded from multiple angles, using six different sets of microphones. Why? Because there's no one way to record a piano.

Reason Pianos

Need expressive, dynamic, Hypersampled pianos that fit your production? Pianos so good they can actually measure up to the real thing? We think you do.

Steinway U87 Angle

Reason Pianos Interview


Meet Kristoffer Wallman - the brain behind the Reason Pianos ReFill, and find out what he has to say about his latest creation.

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RPI Exode ReFill

Enhance your Reason Pianos experience by downloading the RPi eXode ReFill - free to all registered Reason Pianos users.

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