RPi eXode ReFill patch list

Rpi Exode

Here is the full patch list for the RPi eXode ReFill.



Angels and Demons[yamaha].cmb Split. Bass in the low, pianos layered w Voices in the high.
Auto Ring Mod[upright].cmb FX type patch. Not too heavy though.
Bright Orange[upright].cmb Just the Piano with all kinds of distortion possibilities via controls.
Can I Go Now[upright].cmb Piano layered with a pad that moves around.
Concert Grand Piano[yamaha].cmb Yamaha w Jazz and Ambience mics
CP80 Ribbon Petals[upright].cmb Layered patch, upright and CP80 w phaser
Crystal Bubbles[steinway].cmb Temposynced bubbles.
Dreamland[yamaha].cmb Split & Layered. Piano w organ in the low and Piano & Strings in the high.
Echoes C-4 split[upright].cmb Split. Vox organ in the high, Chorused piano in the low. Reminiscent of the Pink Floyd song.
Ethereal Piano[yamaha].cmb Piano & Strings
Filter Shaper[upright].cmb Filtered upright
Funky Flanger[upright].cmb Clavinet and Piano layered
Greatest Grand[steinway & yamaha].cmb Massive piano
Haunted Tonk[upright].cmb Piano with a tad of organ. Dwindling echoes
Hybrid Screamer[upright].cmb Monophonic lead sound with lots of distortion
Mirror of Memories[steinway].cmb Piano and lush pad
New Age Piano[yamaha].cmb Piano, strings and harp.
Octave Piano[upright].cmb Octave piano, yes.
Old Chorused Piano[upright].cmb Piano w adjustable chorus
Old Prog Rock C-3 split[upright].cmb Piano layered with organ in the low and guitar in the high.
Organic Voices[upright].cmb Piano layered with organ
Overdosed Combine[steinway].cmb Experimental
Phases[upright].cmb Piano with dripping pad
Piano and Harpsichord[yamaha].cmb Piano layered with Harpsichord
Piano and Strings[yamaha].cmb Piano layered with "real" Strings
Piano and Violin C-4 split[steinway].cmb
Radio Concert[upright].cmb Thin piano sound
Rhodes to Europa[yamaha].cmb Rhodes and Piano layered
RIB EP100 EP200[upright].cmb Upright Ribbon mic layered with two kinds of wurlitzer pianos
Satellites in Orbit[upright].cmb Rhythmic vocoder type sound
Starclusters C-3 split[yamaha].cmb Hammond autokomp in the low and delayed piano spitz in the high
Studio Combo A C-3 split[steinway].cmb Piano layered with Pick Bass in the low and Pianet in the high
Studio Combo B C-3 split[upright].cmb Pick Bass in the low and Piano layered with clavinet in the high
Studio Combo C C-3 split[upright].cmb Piano layered with thumb bas and clavinet in the low and synth in the high.
Surreal Images[steinway].cmb Piano layered with reversed delayes
That 70's Show[upright].cmb Heavily compressed and bright piano
Tubular Intro C-4 split[steinway].cmb Piano layered with vibra and glockenspiel
Unfinished Symphony[steinway].cmb
Upright Bass C-3 split+layer[yamaha].cmb
Vastness of Space[steinway].cmb Piano layered with pad and a delayed whistling sound