Reason Pianos Sound Examples

Sound Examples

Seeing is believing, they say - but in this case we think hearing is believing. The following demo mp3 files have been assembled to showcase just a few of the ways you can utilize the Reason Pianos ReFill in your songs.

Demo mp3 Songs


Devine Prelude (2.8 mb)
by Richard Devine


Fawke's Last Flight (3.2 mb)
by Chris Griffin


Praise the Pianos (1.4 mb)
by Andreas Aleman


Princess Kumi (4.4 mb)
by Jae Deal


Printz Board (2.7 mb)
by Printz Board

Demo spotlight - Shep

If you have watched the Reason Pianos video, you will recognize the Shep demo song as the music used in the video. Below, you will find a number of versions of the Shep demo song, demonstrating how the versatile Reason Pianos ReFill can help you shape your music.

To begin with, here's the original version, where the Steinway is used:


Shep demo song - Steinway D

Next up is the same song, but with the Steinway grand piano replaced with the Steinway K upright:


Shep demo song - Steinway K

And finally, here's the song again, this time with the Yamaha C7:


Shep demo song - Yamaha C7

And, to give you an idea about what the Style Pianos that come with the Reason Pianos ReFill can do for your mix, here are a few outtakes of the song, using different Style Pianos:


Deathcab Slap (upright)


Avril 14th (upright)


Massive (upright)


Y Jazz (Steinway)

More Reason Pianos ReFill Sound Examples

To demonstrate more specific characteristics of the Reason Pianos ReFill, we have put together the following audio examples:

Microphone Parade

A track that demonstrates the sound of each mic lined up one after the other. The mics fade in and out in the following order:

  1. Close mics
  2. Jazz mics
  3. Ambience mics
  4. Floor mics
  5. Ribbon mic
  6. Bottom mic

Microphone Parade Example

Mic Combinations

A track that demonstrates combinations of microphones. They change every four bars and sets of between two and three microphones are used in each segment. Note that the ONLY thing that changes is which mics are used. Not compression or EQ or any of that, only the mics:

  1. Close + Bottom
  2. Bottom + Ribbon
  3. Ambience + Ribbon
  4. Jazz + Floor + Bottom
  5. Close + Ribbon

Mic Combinations Example

Release Samples demo

Release samples consists of two elements, independently controllable from the combinator panel; Release Resonance and Hammer Noise. This example shows the same track with and without these elements. Note that for the purpose of demonstration the levels of the release elements has been set fairly high.


Release Samples On


Release Samples Off