Going further

Playing it, tweaking it,
what else does it do?

The fun doesn't stop with Thor in your iPad. You can transfer patches between your iPad and your computer to add more sounds to your iPad, or to move the patches you have created on your iPad to Reason and use them in your Reason productions. When you connect your iPad to your computer, you can copy patches to and from the iPad using iTunes.

Thor makes a perfect companion to other music apps on your iPad. With support for Audiobus 2, you can route audio from Thor through effect apps and mix in an external Audiobus 2 compatible audio app.

Thor also supports MIDI, which means you can play it from an external MIDI keyboard or MIDI sequencer, such as Reason. Or you can sequence Thor from another MIDI app on your iPad.

With Audiobus 2, Thor also becomes an Inter-App Audio instrument. Record your Thor sounds in GarageBand or any app that supports recording from IAA sources.