Rigs 2

  • Huge collections of 60+ hand-chosen Rack Extensions designed to maximize your rack and your music.

  • 120+ video tutorials get you the most out of your Rigs.

  • Shop favorites bundled together, resulting in dramatic savings and even more dramatic sounds.

  • You choose which Rig suits your style of music and how you want to supercharge your Reason rack.

Popular Rack Extensions

  • Polar Dual Pitch Shifter NEW!
    Who wants a simple pitch shifting device when you can have a pitch shifting, chorusing, vocal doubling, granular sampling, sound experimentation factory like Polar in your rack?

  • Softube FET compressor NEW!
    There’s a reason FET compression has been a studio standard for almost 50 years. For drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synths... you name it, it simply sounds incredible through the FET Compressor.

  • Synapse GQ-7 NEW!
    When you combine five bands of surgically precise and fully parametric EQ with a spectrum display to visualize your signal in real time you’ve got a tool designed from the ground up for pro mixing.

Popular Rack Extensions

  • Synapse Antidote NEW!
    The design approach to Antidote is as masterful as the sounds it makes. Create stacks of multi-voice oscillator super saws, pads, basses and leads for your next banger.

  • Rob Papen PredatorRE Instrument NEW!
    Subtractive synthesis and sound design legend Rob Papen brings his highly popular Predator synth to the Reason rack, along with over 4000 presets... you know, to get you started.

  • Peff Buffre Beat Repeater
    For some people, a riff or a sample is just the start of a sound and it’s not done until it’s been juggled, glitched, scrambled, and completely reimagined. Buffre doesn’t just repeat. It reinvents.

Popular Rack Extensions

  • A-List Power Chords Electric Guitarist NEW!
    Versatile power chords played with a seemingly endless set of feels to bring the human element of a session guitarist into your music with the one-finger ease of a Reason instrument.

  • Kuassa Vermilion NEW!
    Fully customizable guitar tones start out in a beautifully modeled pre-amp head and it only gets more powerful once you start choosing your own combination of cabinets, microphones, and even mic placement.

  • Chenille Chorus Ensemble NEW!
    Vintage chorus devices used so-called “bucket-brigade” capacitor circuits to achieve a wholly unique sound to their truly analogue chorus character. One you try it in your mix, you’ll put this on your favorites list.