If you are already making music on a computer, you would probably like to integrate Reason with your hardware and software. Luckily, Reason is a team player and will help you make music instead of struggling to make configurations work.

Integration with audio hardware

Reason's rock solid audio implementation will support any audio card with Core Audio drivers on Mac OS X or Direct X, MME or ASIO drivers on Windows. For best results, use hardware with proper Core Audio or ASIO drivers.

Reason is perfectly integrated with Propellerhead's audio interface Balance. Balance adds new features for Reason users, with a built-in Ignition Key, the revolutionary clip safe functionality, and input source selection buttons at your fingertips.

REX - integration with ReCycle

Reason ships with more than 900 REX loops. But if you want to go one step further and roll your own - Get ReCycle 2.1. ReCycle turns concrete-rigid loops into musical modeling clay, letting you change tempo, pitch and timing independently, and remodel the groove to suit all your musical purposes. Team it up with the Dr. REX player in Reason and take your groove to the next level: filter it, distort it, phase it, flange it. Turn it inside out and upside down and process it again. Let your REX:ed-up loops roam free in Reason and your creative options are... well, endless. If you are serious about using samples and loops in your music - get ReCycle.

ReWire - Integration with Software

Propellerhead Software's ReWire technology has become a de facto standard supported in the vast majority of music software products. ReWire is a virtual multicable that handles up to 64 channels of streaming audio, MIDI, sync and transport controls between applications. This means that you can use Reason as your virtual studio's infinite synth rack, while still doing the mixing and sequencing in your recording application.

Remote - integration with MIDI controllers

The Remote technology in Reason takes the pain out of setting up hardware controllers with your music software. There are many advanced control surfaces available on the market, and Reason features support for most of them.

With Remote, Reason can auto detect what control surface is connected up and assign it as the master keyboard. With Remote, Reason comes with a control mapping for every supported controller that makes tweaking sounds in Reason a very pleasant hands-on experience.

If you have a controller with motorized faders or parameter displays, those features will be fully supported by Reason. Support for multiple control surfaces lets you dedicate one control surface and its faders to Reason's mixer, while using your master keyboard for playing and controlling other Reason devices.