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Reason 8 Propellerhead Software is proud to present Reason 8, the next version of the world’s favorite music software.

This Software Creates Music

Reason is the music software made with one thing in mind: you. And whatever music is on your mind, Reason makes it easier to bring it out. Version 8 brings a faster and easier interface with a whole new look and an even smoother creative flow.

Drag and drop everything and everywhere. Find inspiring sounds instantly in the new, always open browser. Explore new amp and speaker models from Softube. Go faster from good ideas to great music than ever before. This is your Reason. This is Reason 8.

This Machine
Amplifies Creativity

Reason users have always praised Reason for its inspiring workflow. More like a musical instrument than a spreadsheet, Reason’s immediacy means less thinking about software and more happy experimentation with music and technology.

Version 8 further strengthens this aspect of Reason so you can work even faster than before and with even fewer obstacles to break your flow. The new browser is always there, with access to your full library of songs, sounds, samples and instruments all the time.

Drag and drop is now available throughout the Reason rack. Create instruments by dragging a synth patch to the sequencer, drag samples directly to pads in Kong or create effects by dragging effect patches to the rack.

Musician Friendly Design

Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot
Reason 8 screenshot

This System Connects Ideas

The new amp and speaker models from Softube gives you further creative options when recording guitar or bass. The two devices come with first class modeling of classic amplifiers and speakers combined with a selection of great-sounding presets.

They say the devil is in the details, and Reason 8 packs a slew of small improvements to the workflow. Double-click to add notes and double-click notes to delete them. Resize from both edges and duplicate notes with a quick command. Tracks are named after the patch you load. Plus many more…

Want to know more? We have collected the most common questions about Reason 8 on the Reason 8 FAQ page.