Anti Pop Consortium

Since the debut in 2000, Anti Pop Consortium have carved a unique niche for themselves. Deeply rooted in alternative Hip Hop but with heavy influences from Glitch and IDM music, their sound is nothing but unique. Behind the synth-heavy, twisted productions, Reason plays a vital part.

Seven years after their breakup in 2002, Anti Pop Consortium is back together with a brand new album, further exploring the sonic experimentation from the previous albums.

We went to visit Anti Pop Consortium's High Priest in the studio in Brooklyn, New York City to talk about how he is crafting the Anti Pop Consortium sound in Reason version 4.

Volcano - video from Fluorescent Black:

Published: October 2009

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With a background in New York City's underground poetry and Hip Hop scene, Anti Pop Consortium's members formed the group in the late 90s. The debut album Tragic Epilogue came out in 2000 on 75 Ark. After heavy touring and more releases (including the 2003 album Arrhythmia on Warp Records) the group split up in 2002.

Seven years later they are back with a new, critically acclaimed album: Fluorescent Black.


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