DJ Babu

“Live, spontaneous and raw”
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Born Christopher Oroc, DJ Babu is one of underground hip hop's true figureheads. A masterful turntablist and well respected beatmaker, Babu's cutting and production skills have left imprints all over the scene, but he's perhaps most known for his work with LA based collective Dilated Peoples. As Dilated Peoples, Dj Babu and MCs Raaka and Evidence have put out four albums of warm sounding, vinyl scented underground hip hop.

Like many hip hop producers, DJ Babu appreciates Reason's intuitive approach to making music, and it's been part of his arsenal since he first heard about it.

DJ Babu Interview

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Published: March 2007

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As a member of both legendary DJ crew The Beat Junkies and hip hop act Dilated Peoples, DJ Babu is a beat scientist through and through.



In his NAMM show interview (see video above), DJ Babu mentions his favorite default rack setup containing an MClass combi suite set to dual band compression, feeding the Scream 4 with a gentle tape distortion on the master output. Download this songfile containing his setup and a Babu Drum kit too!

DJ Babu's drum kit .rns file (zipped)