DJ Khalil

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As an Aftermath Records staff producer, DJ Khalil often finds himself working with some of the biggest name in the business. His latest release with 50 Cent (the Still Will Kill single feat Akon) - is currently in heavy rotation on radio and TV stations world wide and his production credits looks like a who's who of Hip Hop celebrities.

“I developed a new love for making beats again”

Khalil is relying on Reason version 4 as his main production tool. Like many other Hip Hop producers, his former weapon of choice was the ASR-10 sampler workstation but after trying out Reason for a few months he realized how much better and richer his productions sounded and he decided to switch to software.

- The sound was just so much fatter and I could experiment a lot more, says Khalil about his move to software based production.

Currently, he is working on new music with Nas, Dr Dre, Game and also his newly formed alternative group The New Royales, combining Hip Hop aesthetics with alt rock and pop songwriting. You saw it here first!

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Published: February 2008

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As one of today's hottest up and coming Hip Hop Producers, DJ Khalil has collected some amazing production credits in the last couple of years. Making beats for names such as 50 Cent, Nas, Jay-Z and many others, DJ Khalil knows what it takes to go from good to great.


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