Mocean Worker

Bringing Elvis into Reason
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Adam Dorn - aka Mocean Worker - has a story to tell. He began working as an assistant to bassist/producer Marcus Miller (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, EU). He has compiled and produced dozens of jazz and R&B reissues. His credits as a musician include collaborations with Bill Frissell, Hal Willner, Brian Eno and more. Under the Mocean Worker moniker, he has released three albums of genre-defying electronic music: Home Movies from the Brain Forest (1998); Mixed Emotional Features (1999); and Aural & Hearty (2000). Most recently he has remixed Elvis' "Hunk of Burnin Love."

Where Mocean Worker wanted to go musically on his latest full length release, Enter The MoWo!, was a realm where elements of jazz, funk and electronic music co-exist in a lively, refreshing fashion. The result is an album that truly merits descriptors like "sophisticated" and "playful" more than just another Cole Porter revival.

Published: February 2007