Super Adventure Club

The Super Adventure Club is Michael Winger (vocal, bass, keyboard, percussion) and Jake Wood (drums, keyboards, vocals). They are a San Francisco based duo that set out to explore just how many things you can do simultaneously on stage. They use Reason for their one-handed keyboard playing while playing bass and drums with the other hand. And yes - singing too.

We met with the adventurers in their rehearsal space to get a shot of their performance magic. We also talked about how they got started using Reason and how they use it on stage.

Super Adventure February Special

If you are in or near San Francisco in February, don't miss Super Adventure Club's reccuring appearances at Hotel Utah - see flyer for more info.

If the flyer alone isn't convincing enough, check out the, eh... promotional video.

Published: January 2010

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Mini bio

Session drummer Jake Wood and music producer/engineer Michael Winger met while working on an album and decided to form a band. Despite a busy gig schedule, they have recorded and released their debut album Üntz


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