Zac Baird

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An avid live performer who have managed to land gigs with acts like Everlast, Evanesence and right now, Korn, Zac Baird is playing his Reason rack every night in front of huge stadium sized crowds. As an in-demand studio and touring musician, Zac has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of music gear, but when he got introduced to Reason at a trade show years ago, it was love at first sight.

- It was the first time I saw something that had drum machines, soft synths and samplers all integrated into one compact unit.

In the studio, Reason has become Zac's go-to application when he quickly needs to look for an interesting sound. The small footprint of a laptop and controller means he can easily bring it anywhere.

- Reason was pretty much the whole instrument I used on the Evanesence record. I was invited to collaborate on some programming and did all my sound design in Reason.

Lately, Zac has been working a lot with Korn, being part of the live lineup on the last two massive tours. He also got to take part in the recording of the latest Korn album that came out last summer. As a live performer, he relies on Reason's Remote technology to take him through each night's gig.

- I always like to be hand-on. One of the things I really like about having hardware synthesizers, before I discovered what I could do with software synths, was tweaking knobs. So it is kinda fun to still be able to assign features to a controller and be able to really bend a sound or take it to some place that is different from the preset.

Published: October 2007

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