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Copenhagen Reason workshop

In collaboration with our Scandinavian distributor Luthman, Propellerheads supported the DDJA - Danish DeeJay Awards in Copenhagen April 5-6 2006.


The DDJ ceremony was the highlight of this event. Lots of categories were announced and the proud winners will definitely find their musical careers step up. During this night James Bernard was on stage with his laptop for two gigs. Not the way you are used to see him but the Artist James Bernard. From a reliable source we were told he rocked the place. No talk, just music.

[Listen here]


The actual workshop took place the day before, offering Reason users a more intimate hands-on session with James Bernard, now wearing his other hat with Propellerheads. The location was an Internet café and turned out to be great for the event.


Propellerheads was also represented by our newly appointed Director of US Markets - Robert Pointer (standing to the right). Himself a committed DJ but here in business. Apparently he had a memorable night out in Danish manners with the Luthman crew.


The workshop covered the new features that were added to 3.0 for those who did not have it yet and then quickly moved on to more advanced Reason questions and tips. The attendees were very educated on the basics of Reason, with more than half of them already owning version 3.0. James showed them in detail how to create some complex Combinator patches making use of the CV inputs to the 4 rotary knobs. He also covered a lot about using CV to create new and unusual types of sounds and effect processing possibilities. Someone had a question on how to do more with REX files other than loading them into the Dr. Rex. The group was showed how to load one into the NN-XT and change loop type and loop point on each slice, and also a different filter/amp/lfo on each slice.


After the session, there was a room off to the side which had Reason 3.0 loaded into about 5 computers with an M-Audio controller on each. This was really useful since people wanted to try out some of the tricks/tips they just heard and seen and James was right there to answer questions and guide them through it.

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