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Logic and Reason in the Studio

Line 6 and Apple joined forces to arrange a series of master classes to help give people a better understanding of what you can do with Reason and Logic Pro in the studio, especially by syncing them via ReWire. These events were extremely popular and just hours after they were announced, they were all full. For those of you who couldn't attend, this is what it was like when the master class tour hit Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA:


The clinics were not at just any studio but at the Hollywood landmark, Capitol Studios. Capitol has hosted some of the most treasured recordings in music history, from Frank Sinatra to Beastie Boys. We hope some of that magic dust rubs off on the attendees in their musical endeavors.


A quick note for all you people who tried to sign up but found the enrollment full: we hadn't expected such a rush. Apparently Reason + Logic attracts a massive attention. Sessions were booked within two hours of invites going out. We will try to make it up to you!


The set up for the clinic was a MacBook Pro, an Apogee Mini DAC USB audio interface, a Korg microKontrol controller and a Roland RD700 88 weighted key controller. Propellerhead's James Bernard and Apple's Scott Wilkie controlled the knobs for each 2-hour session.


Scott began the session by creating a ReWire input in Logic and then James took over laying down a basic groove in Reason. Next a bass groove was overlaid with a real electric bass guitar groove pulled from a funk Rex CD collection. The crowd was impressed that what they heard from Reason sounded like a real bassist and drummer - not midi tracks!

Wilkie grooved out and his performance was recorded in Logic's sequencer - sending the MIDI to Reason via ReWire. Scott showed the group some sounds from Logic instruments and Apple loops and how they could fit with the basic Reason groove.

Producers Conferences

Get the most out of your music! Top artists and producers share their secrets at The Producers Conference, a broad set of creative clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the inside track on advanced production techniques, song writing, mixing methods and more. Be there!

Upcoming dates:

Berlin, Germany - November 6th 2010

Go to the Producers Conference website to find out more.