Propellerheads Worldwide Events

Luthman Scandinavia Hitech Tour 2006

The Luthman Hitech tour took place on June 12-15. Luthman - our Scandinavian distributor - invited Propellerhead and other companies from the music industry to demonstrate our latest products for the Scandinavian retailers. Demos were organized in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, and in Copenhagen. This time Arabian Prince joined us and demonstrated how he uses Reason to put his best-selling tracks together. Arabian Prince is mostly known for his membership in NWA. He is also a world famous DJ and producer still very active, and is also known as Professor X.

Lst Arabian

The Stockholm retailers were told that once Arabian started to use Reason, one of the first objects he sold from his studio was the high-end multi-channel mixer with flying faders.

Lst Arabian 808

Yes - That is a picture of a Roland TR-808 sticking out behind the Reason document. Arabian was happy to tell us how he still used the original drum sounds from the 808. In order to capture the original feeling of the 808 he usually sampled each drum a number of times and alternated between the samples in Reason. I guess you could call it "808-hypersampling".

Lst Finland

The Finnish retailers are sitting very still, listening to a song from an upcoming Professor X album, and no - it's not a lullaby. In fact, hard electro beats were bouncing in the room as this picture was shot. Makes one wonder what would happen if he had played a ballad...

Lst Arabian And Mats

Rumors spread fast. As soon as the legendary Radio DJ Mats Nileskär heard about Arabian being in town, he got on a flight to Stockholm to do an interview. Are there any Hip Hop or Soul artists who still haven't been interviewed by Mats on his radio show "P3 Soul"?

Producers Conferences

Get the most out of your music! Top artists and producers share their secrets at The Producers Conference, a broad set of creative clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the inside track on advanced production techniques, song writing, mixing methods and more. Be there!

Upcoming dates:

Berlin, Germany - November 6th 2010

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