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MOWO! Clinic in Milan

This time our Italian distributor set a good example of how artists and events can help us deliver the message. We had one of our endorsed artists, MoWo!, sent out to Europe for a Reason Tour this summer. Or should we say MoWo! world cup tour? In between clinics he watched the semi final in Paris followed by the final at The Duomo in Milan with 25,0000 screaming Italian fans. What could be a better warm up for his Reason demo at Lucky Music, July 10?


First some background to Adam Dorn, aka Mocean Worker, aka MoWo! Adam began his career in music working as an assistant to bassist/producer Marcus Miller (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, EU). He has compiled and produced dozens of jazz and R&B reissues. His credits as a musician include collaborations with Bill Frisell, Hal Willner, Brian Eno and more. His father is none other than legendary producer Joel Dorn (Roberta Flack, John Coltrane, Leon Redbone). Under the Mocean Worker moniker, he has released four albums of genre-defying electronic music: Home Movies from the Brain Forest (1998); Mixed Emotional Features (1999); Aural & Hearty (2000); and Enter the Mowo! (2004).


Mocean, with great professionalism and enthusiasm, showed a different approach to music production. He first demonstrated how ReFills, Rex and audio files can be used in Reason to build a new song or a new remix with a few easy steps.


"MoWo" prepares a special Reason song for every new workshop. For this occasion he won everyone's favor with a remix of the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army -- used by Italian fans to cheer on the 'Squadra Azzurra' in the World Cup. In this new version the main riff was played by a multi-sampled double bass with very impressive results.


Adam showed in detail how to create a Rex file from scratch in ReCycle 2.1 without even using the sensitivity scale. He uses ReCycle as the starting point of building the 'perfect remix'. While most people attending the workshop were already aware of this (more than a half of them owning Reason), they still were astonished at the power and the flexibility of this software.

The workshop continued by covering all the procedures in the contruction of a good remix. Mocean showed how to import the Rex files in Reason and the use of an external controller via Remote for better workflow. He also covered using the Combinator to create new and unusual types of sounds.

Producers Conferences

Get the most out of your music! Top artists and producers share their secrets at The Producers Conference, a broad set of creative clinics and interactive classes for computer musicians. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the inside track on advanced production techniques, song writing, mixing methods and more. Be there!

Upcoming dates:

Berlin, Germany - November 6th 2010

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