Propellerheads Worldwide Events

Reason workshop at Recombinant Labs

Reason moved into the unique, state-of-the-art audio-visual environment of Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco, CA, for a 2 days course April 29-30. Instructors were Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki, author of Power Tools for Reason 3.0 (Backbeat Books) and working for Propellerhead software as a sound designer and tutorial developer. Next to him was G.W. Child who is a video game sound/voice effect designer, musician and a sound designer for Propellerhead Software.


The venue. An intriguing performance space with a thumping sound system and wraparound projection screens which offered ideal setting for the topic.


Everything was digital handled through the Sony Oxford Console in the room.

During one of the breaks, Bryan Gibbs, the house engineer, fired up the system and replayed the multichannel audio/360° Video performance of Curtis Roads. Bryan also took everyone on a tour of the rest of the facility. Showing the Vintage analog synth production room as well as a control room with a Neve VR72 was a great way to compare the tools of the Real World with devices in Reason.


Almost all of the attendees brought their laptops and many their own MIDI controllers.

The Beginners workshop (day I) covered basic workflow procedures like the various preference settings; adding devices to the rack; pattern devices and sequencing patterns; cabling and auto-cabling rules; transport features including metronome and loop points; ReCycle, and the Dr.REX Loop Player; Sequence recording, editing, groups and automation; and adding parallel aux effects.


Day II was dedicated for advanced students. It took off with various ways of using insert effects like the vocoder and Scream 4 and explaining the process of mixing a track by inserting equalizers and compressors. The program moved to the topic of mastering with a demonstrating the various MClass Mastering Suite patches, and then into detail about setting the gain structure for properly using the compressors and maximizers. The class rounded up with how to use the Combinator to create insane modulation routings and rhythm patterns being morphed by random LFOs.


One of the students from the beginning workshop then shared his first Reason song, recorded just hours before. While the group watched and listened, Peff proceeded by remix it, spice it up by adding effects while explaining what he was doing.


Hayden Bursk, Reason product specialist at Line 6 performing on a guitar with Ableton Live 5, Tone Port and Reason 3.0 using ReWire.

A lot of time was expended with Q&A and over the course there were several breaks where participants could ask their questions and were provided moments to socialize. Networking offline!

Producers Conferences

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Upcoming dates:

Berlin, Germany - November 6th 2010

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