ReFill Tutorials

ReFills for keyboard players

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In this video, product specialist Simon Grey shows how he is using the Reason ReFill Collection from a keyboard player's perspective. The video covers various ReFills, remote mapping for live use and more. Products used: Reason version 4, Reason Drum Kits, ElectroMechanical, Reason Pianos.

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ReWire Tutorials

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ReWiring Reason with other applications can sometimes be confusing. Here, we have assembled a number of tutorials to help you with this. [Read more]

Sequencer video tutorials

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If you are used to working with the sequencer in previous versions of Reason and want to know about the goodies in the version 4 sequencer, have a look at the Reason version 4 sequencer videos to learn all you need to get going in Reason version 4. [Read more]

Discovering Reason

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Discovering Reason is a series of articles created especially for people who have been using Reason for some time, yet can't help but feel they've only scratched the surface. [Read More]

ReCycle 2.1 - an introduction

Tutorial Icon Howtorecycle

To explain the beauty of ReCycle 2.1 on his demos around the world, our product specialist James Bernard has put together an introduction, complete with source material and song files for Reason Adapted. [Read More]