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Propellerhead's CEO on the new Collaboration Service

December 18, 2014

Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös shares his thoughts on the free music collaboration and sharing service by Propellerhead Software.
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December Deals

December 08, 2014

Holiday season means Rack Extension sale in the Propellerhead Shop! Visit us today to get up to 50% discount on best-selling synths, instruments and effects from your favorite Rack Extension brands.
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Booster Packs

December 01, 2014

Booster Packs are handpicked ReFill collections from our vaults. Each Booster Pack features 10 carefully selected products, and ships for as little as $29. That's 10 ReFills for the price of one - You actually save up to $400! Available in the Propellerhead Shop now.
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Take + Figure = Music

November 06, 2014

Add vocals to your Figure beats with Take! Take 1.2 lets you sing, rap, strum or hum on tracks shared from Figure. Take is the Creative Vocal Recorder from Propellerhead, available for free from the Apple AppStore.
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Reason 8 is here!

September 30, 2014

Reason 8 brings a faster and easier interface with a whole new look and an even smoother creative flow. Drag and drop everything and everywhere. Find inspiring sounds instantly in the new, always open browser. Go faster from good ideas to great music than ever before.
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Power Chords

September 29, 2014

Add powerful electric guitar to your songs with A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords. Play one-finger chord progressions from your MIDI keyboard and have full control over playing styles and sound. With A-List Electric Guitarist, creating unique and professional-sounding guitar tracks is dead easy!
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More sounds for Reason

September 29, 2014

Though Reason comes with all you need to make music, adding new sounds can be a creativity boost. Rack Extensions are add-on effects and instruments that plug right into the Reason Rack. Visit the Propellerhead Shop now to browse all plug-ins.
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Synths & Drum Machines

September 29, 2014

Load up your iPad with synths & drum machines. Now you can get our three award-winning music apps together in a discounted bundle. Make beats, bass and melody with Figure, go all acid with ReBirth for iPad and loose yourself in synth heaven with Thor for iPad. Download on the App Store today.
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Softube Reverb Sale

September 04, 2014

Until September 30th, Softube’s TSAR-1 Reverb, TSAR-1R Reverb, Spring Reverb and Tube Delay are 30% off! Visit the Propellerhead Shop now to Make Room in your Reason rack!
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ReBirth for iPad, now $5!

September 09, 2014

Today is 9/09 and what better way to celebrate Techno music's most in-demand drummer than a discount on ReBirth for iPad. ReBirth is Propellerhead's legendary techno micro-composer that's now available for iPad. Get the beat going for just $5! This offer lasts until sunday.
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Introducing Take

August 21, 2014

Sing, rap, hum, strum. Capture your musical ideas anytime, anywhere. Take combines the drop-dead simplicity of your voice memos with features custom—tailored to vocalists needs. Take is available for free from the iOS AppStore.
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Buy Reason–get free upgrade

September 01, 2014

Buy Reason 7 or upgrade from a previous version today, and you will receive the Reason 8 upgrade for free when it ships on September 30th. All our software products are offered as direct downloads that will get you started in minutes. Visit our shop to find out more.
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Try a Rack Extension today

July 16, 2014

Rack Extensions are custom built plug-ins for Reason. Visit the Propellerhead Shop now to browse more than 200 instruments, tools and effects. Best of all: we offer free 30 day trials on all Rack Extensions. Just click the TRY button to automatically install any plug-in of your choice.
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Thor for iPad sale!

August 28, 2014

Thor is available for only $4.99. That's a 66.6% discount! Thor for iPad is a portable version Reason's legendary synthesizer, with all of its features, and then some. This offer expires on August 31st, so grab yourself a synth bargain today!
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Announcing A-List Electric Guitarist

August 21, 2014

Add living, powerful electric guitar to your songs with A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords, a Rack Extension for Reason. Play one-finger chord progressions from your MIDI keyboard and have full control over playing styles and sound. With A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords, creating guitar tracks is dead easy.
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A-list Acoustic Guitarist

August 08, 2014

Introducing A-list Acoustic Guitarist. This Rack Extension combines the realism of sampled loops with the flexibility and control of a live instrument. Play the huge selection of recorded guitar phrases live from your MIDI keyboard and lay down great-sounding guitar tracks in no time.
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Free Reason Trial

July 07, 2014

New to Reason? Want to try the latest version and get help with getting started? Visit our Try Reason section today to learn more and download a free, fully functional demo of Reason 7.
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Top Rated!

July 01, 2014

With more than 200 Rack Extension plug-ins available to try, it's not always easy to know where to begin. To help out, we have put together a selection of some of the most popular effect plug-ins out there - as rated by Reason users worldwide. Visit the Propellerhead Shop to find out more!
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Synchronous Video Challenge

June 30, 2014

Check out the winner of the Synchronous Video Challenge! Sean Murray delivers no less than four great Synchronous tips in five minutes. And if you just can't get enough video tutorials, all entries are available for viewing!
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PX7 Summer Sale

June 27, 2014

The PX7 FM Synthesizer is a faithful recreation of the groundbreaking DX series keyboards. It provides a wealth of new sounds, ranging from classic 80's bass and brass to modern textures, leads and growls. Now at 30% off in our shop!
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