Adam Fielding

An early interest in video games and the demoscene led Adam Fielding's brother to get Adam one of those Christmas gifts that alter your life path, an early music production software. When Adam had pushed his humble software to its limits, a friend's recommendation to check out Reason changed everything for him. Adam continues to push the limits of what's possible in software, though. That never changed.

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Record U

Welcome to Record U - your open Recording university. Record U will deliver tutorials on a wide range of basic recording concepts that should be helpful regardless if you are using Record or not.

Latest article: Part 10 - Vocal Production and Perfection, by Giles Reaves

Artist patch charts

What harpish glissandos did Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips use in their film Christmas on Mars? What is Nat Motte of 3OH!3's favorite Thor patch? And what FX sounds did Ruwanga Samath use in his award-winning work on the SAW 4 movie soundtrack?

We've gathered some top artist's, producer's and sound designer's favorite sounds in the first instalment of the Reason Patch Charts pages.

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Record Home Sessions

Seasoned music producer and Norah Jones collaborator, Peter Malick, packed up his studio and moved it home to his living room and garage. For its maiden session he brought in indie artists Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones, and a veritable A-List of players from the LA singer-songwriter scene. On Peter's first days in the new space and first day on Record 1.5 we rolled cameras to capture the new 'studio' in action. Check it out!

Product specialist

Propellerhead Software's product specialist James Bernard's own corner of the website is where he shares his deep Reason knowledge, and some pretty twisted sounds too.

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52 Reason/Record Tips

52 Reason/Record Tips

James just started a series of video tutorial called 52 Reason/Record tips. Check it out to learn new and creative uses for Reason and Record.

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