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Javad Day


Javad is world renown Pianist and Keyboard player and an up and coming producer who has toured with KEM, Fantasia, KANYE West as well as the ICON Chaka Khan the list goes on and on. He currently is touring with CHAKA. He can be heard on such albums as “FUNK THIS”-Chaka Khan “WINE AND SPIRITS”-Rasaan Patterson

HyperBottom (Factory Sound Bank / Subtractor Patches / Bass)

A heavy yet smooth bass. It can fit pretty much into any song either as a main bass or as a secondary bass.

Epic Poly (Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Poly Synths)

I love this patch. It's great for pop stuff.

Amp Feedback (Factory Soundbank / Malstrom Patches / MonoSynths)

Just a great dirty synth sound.

- TUBE RHODES MK I (ElectroMechanical / Tubed Rhodes MK I)

Great for any Neo Soul or even some Gospel music, which is mainly what I use it for.

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