Kevin Teasley Top Five


Kevin Teasley


Kevin has composed music and sound designed for commercials, television shows, radio, and feature film trailers. He's worked with clients such as Saab Automobiles, Grolsch Beer and HBO. Recent trailer work includes Night at the Museum, Dreamgirls, V for Vendetta and I Am Legend.

Cymbal FX Pan (Factory Sound Bank / Combinator / Textures and Musical FX)

I used this patch while custom scoring the Theatrical Trailer for the Feature Film "The Day The Earth Stood Still' for 20th Century Fox starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly.

IDM Keys 1 (Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Poly Synths)

I used this patch as an undercurrent while custom scoring the Theatrical Trailer for the Feature Film "The Happening" by M. Night Shyamalan starring Mark Wahlberg.

7th Night (Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Textures)

I used this patch while creating Sound Design for the Theatrical Trailer for the Feature Film "Beowulf".

Big Drum Hit (Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Sound FX)

I used this patch for big drum hits and impacts while custom scoring the Video Game Trailer for Vivendi Games/Universal for Mummy 3.

Distant Grand (Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Piano and Keyboard / Acoustic Piano)


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