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Multi-instrumentalist, musical director, and keyboardist Kristopher Pooley grew up learning and playing music in Detroit. He now lives in Long Beach with his wife Ginger and has spent the past few years producing bands, writing for Film and Television, and touring with an impressive list of bands and artists: Jane's Addiction, Gwen Stefani, Morrissey, and more.

Mitsubishi (Reason Factory Soundbank / Bass / Synth Bass )

This is the synth bass sound I used for the main synth hook line in the song "The Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani for the Sweet Escape Tour. I tweaked the waveforms, mod envelope, and filter envelope a bit but this is the foundational patch. Add a tiny little RV7000 reverb and you're good to go.

XYLOPHONE (Reason Factory Soundbank / NN19 Sampler Patches / Mallet and Ethnic)

While I don't use this patch all the time it sure came in handy on one tour. While filming a live DVD with Siouxsie Sioux she decided that she wanted to play her song "Hong Kong Garden" as an encore. We had never rehearsed the song and the main hook sound was a xylophone line. Without ever hearing this patch I quickly pulled up the sound on stage and played the line to the best of my memory. The patch sounded amazing and the line was simple enough that I remembered it.

Wonderful Life (Custom Combinator)

Reason Factory Soundbank / Synth Lead / Juno Lead.xwv
Reason Factory Soundbank / Synth Lead / Torn Speaker.zyp
Reason Factory Soundbank / Synth Lead / 80's Dance Lead.zyp
Reason Factory Soundbank / Bells and Mallets / ClockenSpiel.zyp

This is the synth lead patch I used for the song "Wonderful Life" by Gwen Stefani for the Sweet Escape tour. This is a good example of what I normally have to do to recreate a sound for a tour that was created for the album using synths run through plug-ins. Most of the patches were tweaked a little and I also added some DDL-1 delay and RV7000 reverb to make it exactly like the album sound.

MELSTRINGS (Reason Factory Soundbank / NN19 Sampler Patches / Synth and Keyboard)

This is a great recreation of the classic Melotron Strings sound. This sound is used all over the newest Morrissey album Years Of Refusal. I use it live on the songs "Black Cloud" and "I'm Ok By Myself" because it cuts through everything in a live mix and sounds amazing. On some of the songs I also double it with the MELCHOIR.smp patch to give it more weight. It's a big, huge melotron sound.

PBS America 1973 [Run] (Reason Factory Soundbank / Combinator Patches / Rhythmic)

This is just a cool sound. I use it in my own production quite a bit during verses mixed really low, sometime doubling bass lines or counterpoint lines. I usually have to tweak the Matrix Pattern Sequencer to so it makes some harmonic sense for whatever song I'm working on. I recently used it on the Fielding song "Asher". Adds motion makes everything a little bit more interesting.

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