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Aysun Kahraman


Aysun, born in Cyprus in 1981 began her musical journey when she was 3. Performed in choirs and as solo on several TV shows, she chose her instrument; piano. Talented child she was and achieved many grades. Lately working on her soundtrack album for the movie “As the Sun sets” which will go to Antalya Film Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Turkey.

Darbouka (Reason Factory Soundbank / NNXT Sampler Patches / Drums and Percussion / Percussion)

Used on the song Behind The Veil (As the Sun Sets Sountrack). While I was searching for an ethnic element which would sound a bit moody and familiar, I encountered with Darbouka sound in NNXT. It gave me the ground to compose the bits by myself which sound like real by giving velocity to each “bong”. Just amazing and useful when its accompanied with DRRex loop players darbouka sample. It will sound even better when enriched with a reverb or delay (DDL-1) Digital Delay Line.

Vns+VCSs Arco Lite (Orkester Soundbank / Strings / String Combinations)

This sound of violins is absolutely the very soul of my songs. I can’t help using this among all other sounds. The reason is: it’s deep and fills the background of melodic harmony with long layers of notes. With the usage of nuances as well as “HALL” reverb, it will give you the impression as if you are in the middle of a concert. Isn’t it worth using it? The tickets are being even more expensive now. I use this sample very frequently but it can be heard mostly either in “LIGHTHOUSE” or in “As the Sun Sets Movie Theme” songs of mine.

Mandolin TremEns (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NNXT Sampler Patches / Guitar and Plucked)

Another ethnic sound which I like using. “SIRTOWALTZ”, “Behind The Veil”, and “As the sun sets movie theme” are characterized with the mandolin. As a Mediterranean, the sound moves me a lot. The tremolos are quite effective and this sample is very easy to use even in terms of staccatos. Whether you like it a loooong note or a short warm and sympathetic one. It doesn’t matter. It will serve you more than you can imagine. Most probably, I will be using this sample in the next movie soundtrack project.

A Grand Piano (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NNXT sampler Patches / Piano)

I was a finalist of one of the most important Composition Contest in Turkey with my song “The Flight of the Ants”, and the jury admitted that they thought the piano sound was real. Believe it or not! I had to have a live performance during the contest, well NNXT did its job PERFECTLY, and I just added a few notes on stage with my vocals. Don’t be upset if you cannot carry your piano everywhere. This sample can quench your thirst. It’s soft, deep and thick. You can compose any song by using ONLY this sample. Even a Prelude! Actually it is the first patch I use after opening a mixer. Not without it ever!

Female Choir (Reason Factory Sounbank / Thor Patches / Voice and Choir)

Amazing voice. Very soulish, very celtic, very magical, everlasting. “Flight of the ants” and “As the Sun Sets” songs are taken to another dimension with this synth. You can tune the frequency and breathiness of the sound, it will absolutely surprise you. Thanks Reason Team! You fed many people’s souls with these angels…

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