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Lance Hayes


Lance Hayes is an award winning composer working on many high profile media projects for radio, advertising, DVD, television, and video game soundtracks. One of his latest projects was scoring the original soundtrack to the worldwide hit video game “Forza Motorsport 3”. All songs referenced in the examples below are tracks from that soundtrack.

Ampeg FlipTop (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Bass / Electric Bass)

A serious favorite. I can’t count the number of times I’ve plugged this patch in and used it for tracks that call for electric bass. I love the Combinator programming on it that allows you to do some pretty quick alterations to the basic character of the bass so that it goes from fat to thin or bright to dark very quickly. Really a fantastic patch overall. I used it on “Elapsed Time” at both the beginning and the end with a little adjustment. Thanks to its flexible sound it does the job fantastically.

Asian Poly (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Poly Synths)

The Thor is a favorite of mine. I love the range of programming options and the fantastic sound it gets. Early into the process of scoring the Forza soundtrack I was looking for a cutting lead sound for one of the tracks. I was messing around with an RPG-8 and the Thor and pouring through the presets. When I came to this patch I ran it through some unison and delay it was a perfect fit to compliment the dense ambience of the rest of the arrangement from the track that become “Additional Controller”. Since then I’ve found myself layering it under other sounds to get very rich textures. Love that sound!

ALL FilmScore (Reason Factory Sound Bank / All Effect Patches / Reverb)

This unassuming patch fits many of my project requirements when I need a focused and sonic full range reverb patch. It’s a favorite of mine when I’m matching up sounds in Reason with other popular libraries. I use it enough that it’s the only preset in my basic setup along with several other custom go to effects.

Tight Studio (Reason Drums Kits 2.0 / Reason Drum Kits / -Drum Kit Patches / Style Patches / Style Kits / Pop)

When I’m starting out with a track and I need a full kit with lots of good definition I plug this patch from RDK2 in and start playing. I often move off to another kit or switch out sounds but sometimes I just leave Tight Studio there. That’s what happened with “Japanese Four Star” all of the kit sounds you hear in that song are basically Tight Studio with a little additional processing and percussion.

Whale Calls (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Guitar and Plucked / Misc Guitar and Plucked)

This is a fantastic patch. I’m a sucker for ambient sounds and especially ones that seem to come from a completely organic space. When I was working on the track “This Final Lap” I needed a lead element for the track. I started working with Whale Calls and in no time I had a working lead as well as an additional bass drone. To make that a sonically manageable process I used two instances of the patch on two separate Combinators. This allowed me to get the range of sound I needed without the single instance getting overwhelmed by the bass parts and the lead playing back at the same time.

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