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L.D was brought up on a diet of rootical reggae blasting through the bedroom floor on a Sunday morning. The 26 year-old now works Transition, the vinyl cutting emporium and spiritual dubplate mecca for a high percentage of dubstep DJs. He now has a list of releases and remixes on so of dubstep and non-dubstep high profile labels, Hyperdub, dubpolice, Domino and more.

Sub (Download patch below)

My favorite sound in reason is the subtractor sine wave, I love this sound for sub-bass, when you play the lower keys you instantly hear and feel a bass weight. for me this essential as big bass is almost an addiction to me. I use this sound in all of my tracks, released and unreleased.

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Distortion (Download patch below)

A trick I do is to distort my sub when I want a bit more grit in my bass line with the Scream distortion unit. I have used this distortion setting in a track called "Don't wanna cry" out on bullfrog beats.

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loop (Download loop below)

I frequently use Dr Rex player to audition my loops, I like the speed and the flexibility of it. I have used this loop to fill in space in my drums, I some times place them quietly in the mix but if place well it's very effective. I have used this loop in my track "peace in our culture" on Dubpolice records.

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XXL AMB-PAD 03 (XXL Pad 2)

One of my favourite sound banks is the Best Service XXL pads2. This is one of the best refills I have heard, Some of the pads have atmospheric depth and other have more upfront sound which will cut through your.


I frequently use Redrum as I like to load one sample at a time and create a new drum kit for every tune. I usually use multiple samples for each sound. eg for my snare i would have 4 or 5 snare samples, I would rout each sample to a effect (one to a reverb, one the a delay one to scream distortion and one flat) then group all to a line mixer. I reason in rewire mode with cubase, so I would then route the out put of the line mixer out to reason interface on to cubase and add extra effects to the snares and combine with other drums to create an intresting drum patten that has a lot inter twining sounds. I use this in all tunes released and non-released

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