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Casey Dunmore aka Schpilkas infuses edgy orchestration, urban beats, and electronic elements, creating a hybrid Urban Electronic – Hip Hop style. Winner of the 2008 Los Angeles iStandard Producer Showcase (Remix Hotel LA) and in 2000, chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the Tommy Hilfiger Unreleased Cuts Contest, Schpilkas has been featured in issues of Rolling Stone and Urb Magazines. Always on the hustle, Schpilkas is pursuing opportunities in television, film and video game media, as well as producing, remixing and collaborating with other artists.

Hell Spawn Guitar.cmb (Reason Factory Sound Bank / ALL Instrument Patches / Electric Guitar)

Definitely the go to patch for electric guitar stuff. Bypass the effect units and it’s ready to rip. For palm mute “chugs,” I’ll adjust key velocities so they’re super low. You’ve probably heard use of the patch on the FX Networks television promos for the Transporter 2 and Red Bull’s Enduro at Erzberg 2007 DVD trailer. Both clips can be viewed at I’ve incorporated this patch on the electronic rock release Nice. plus4dBu available on iTunes and other popular digital download sites.

A Grand Piano.sxt (Reason Factory Sound Bank / ALL Instrument Patches / Piano and Keyboard)

Great patch straight as is. I’ll modify slightly, by setting the Global Control Amp Envelope Release to negative – 64 great for percussive bass lines!. In addition I’ll tweak the Global Control Filter Freq. and Filter Res knobs. Two similar, but different approaches can be heard on the tracks Part 1 from my plus4dBu releases, All The Hits Your Computer Is Missing. and The Bells from Ballsprouts.

Subtractor Analog Synthesizer (default)

The Subtractor default sawtooth waveform is what I’ll use for bass, keys and lead sounds, in some way or another. I’ll play with the waveform types, filter frequency, noise, LFO and amp envelopes to shape a sound I like. Slap a Scream 4, UNI-16 and DDL-1 unit on the output or even double it with an acoustic instrument for some extra buzzy bassness.

Jocke All Mics (Reason Drum Kits/ -Drum Kit Patches / Preset Kits / Multi-Out / All Mics (All) / Rock)

The RDK refill is no joke. The Jocke All Mics patch is a solid kit, which I’ve used on many recordings and releases where I had to virtually produce and record an in your face drum kit. The hyper-sampling and velocity switching on the drums and cymbals are ridiculous! You may have heard use of this particular kit on a quick spot for the Jimmy Kimmel Show on ABC. The clip can be viewed at : I’m a big user of other RDK kits for acoustic drum needs.

TRPS Falls (Orkester Sound Bank / Brass / Trumpet Section TRPS)

Where’s the Reason hyper-sampled Brass Refill?! just kidding!. Whenever I need brass stabs for accents, I’ll load it up. To create a slight ‘ensemble’ effect at a basic and quick level, I’ll run the output through a UN-16 set at 16 voices, detune at 40 and wet about 30%. I’ve used this patch on the breakdown of the release Muéva Rapidamenté which is featured in the game Tap Tap Revenge 3 for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

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