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Like a unicorn, NNXT is something rare and magical. She's a a one-woman electropop powerhouse exploding onto Atlanta's otherwise male-dominated jangle rock vs dirty south hip hop music scene. She released her debut album "Shut Your Trapper Keeper" at the end of April 2011, and in less than 24 hours of the midnight release, it had received over 900 plays and a spin on one of Atlanta's top radio stations. In July 2011, she debuted her live performance to a sold-out venue by opening for Heroes + Villains, Atlanta's reigning DJ/production duo (Diplo/Gucci Mane/Wacka Flocka). The album is available for download at nnxt.bandcamp.com.

What sets NNXT apart is her songwriting and production--remarkably catchy yet distinctly her own because she does it all herself. As you listen to her debut tracks with her smooth voice, charmingly cheeky lyrics, and bouncing beats woven together, you know she's going to be the next big thing.

Her earliest fans can attest to her "best kept secret" status. When NNXT released her first single "DRNK TXTNG" in February 2011, it was met with an overwhelming public response. Its popularity (and epic hilarity) sparked a remix contest that drew submissions from across the US, and it regularly continues to receive airtime on New York City and Atlanta dance-floors.

When she's not producing her own tracks, NNXT is writing songs for platinum producers.

Steinway Close Mic Piano (Reason Pianos / Piano Patches / Separate Mics (NN-XT) / Steinway D Grand / SteinD Close S.sxt)

This is my go-to piano sample. I’ve played Classical piano since I was 4 so I am extremely picky about my piano sounds. In addition to it being a Steinway sample, the way it was recorded is just so pure and really captures that “real” piano sound that so many producers are seeking. This is used in my song “Heartbeat”, a haunting piano/electronic track, and to get that “eeriness” of the piano I sent it through the RV-7000 a the M-Class Compressor.

FATPPG (Reason Factory Sound Bank / NN-XT Sample Patches / Synth Poly / FATPPG.sxt)

This is the fabulous synth that can be found in the "Love Superhero" hooks, but it's also hidden in most all of my tracks. When you play around with the settings you can get a lot of different tones, ranging from a pad to a lead-like synth.

Stereo Cellos (Orkester / Strings / Cellos Stereo / VCSs Long f.sxt)

Growing up I always wanted to play the cello, but my school in small-town Georgia never had an orchestra program... which could possibly explain why I am utterly obsessed with putting cellos in my production. There is such a fullness and depth to using cellos in electronic music, and this is by far one of the greatest samples out there if you’re looking to add cello to your tracks. Typically I will use the “Long f.sxt” sample when I use cellos as pads, and the “VCSs Marc.sxt” for staccato/rhythmic cellos.

All the Met (Factory Sound Bank / RV7000 Patches / All The Met.rv7)

When I first started using Reason in 2004, I used to teeeediously bounce all my individual tracks (aka lanes) into stereo .wav files and import them into my DAW to mix them. However, as Reason as become more powerful and more intuitive over the years, I can now just mix all of the music in Reason with just the same result. At the beginning of a session, I will create an RV-7000 right underneath my mixer, it will automatically route it to Return 1, and I can control how much reverb I want each sound to get by changing the levels on the mixer. Putting it on “All the Met”, a ginormous sounding reverb that definitely lives up to its name, and only sending a little bit of signal from say, my drums or keys, really gives a great sound and effortlessly fills in the stereo soundfield when mixing.

MinimoogUs (Sonic Refill Vol. 10 / SR NNXT VintInst Programs / Vintage Synths / MinimoogUs.sxt)

This entire refill is packed with great sounds, but the entire Vintage Synths folder gets HEAVY use in my studio. The MinimoogUs sample is awesome for lead synths, basslines, pads, etc. and I mean seriously- who can resist a kick-ass Moog sample?!

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