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Kirsten Price


The Deli magazine tells us that "Price sounds like if Ani Difranco was raised by Jay-Z and Beyonce." You might not have heard of her but chances are that unknown to you, you have already heard her voice. Kirsten Price is a growing army of talent that maintains a very healthy career by flying under the radar. Her unique voice has been chosen by companies like Coke, Campbell's & Clinique to ram home their ad campaigns and her music has been picked up by major networks like CBS, Showtime and MTV. Now she is blazing new ground with her sophomore album "Brixton To Brooklyn"; a daring self-produced tour de force that seamlessly navigates through the diverse territory of Hip Hop flavoured dance grooves, heart wrenching ballads and anthemic rock choruses. Unlike her last offering, she penned every track on the new album herself. This self-confessed recluse attributes the consistently solid songwriting on display to "the fact that I trash 99.9% of all the material I write." After her first album was released, industry bible Billboard Magazine told us that she "should offer triple A radio a new star." Questioning the formats continuing relevance, "Like it or not, the reality is that we are all on the Internet" she says, "People get a thrill from discovering precious things for themselves. Despite all the theatre involved, ultimately music is a highly personal medium and I for one, resent having anything shoved down my throat."

Lord of the Strings.cmb (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Combinator Patches / Strings)

This is my go to sound for sketching out string parts. More often than not this patch makes it to in the final version. A rich, full, incredibly versatile sound that can sound massive, tiny and everything in between. It adds the perfect fullness and depth when combined with other strings and works beautifully on its own as a pad across multiple genres.

Modern Classic (Downtown Strings II / Quartets)

Instead of loading these into the the Dr.Rex Loop player and just letting them run, I load all 4 rex loops in this file into NN XT sampler multiple times assigning each note a different key. They can then be chopped up and messed with to create an expansive and intimate chamber music soundscape.

Combing Lead.thor (Reason Factory Sound Bank / Thor Patches / Lead Synths)

Once again, this patch wins every time because of it's versatility. It works well both as a gritty dirty industrial bass and as a powerful lead top line.

W-NotchSyncArp.rx2 (Waldorf Microwave Refill Pack I-II Waldorf Loops)

This Rex loop is another toolbox essential. Great for creating that sense of driving movement on the fly and often works so well that it saves me having to go in and program a sequencer, providing instant texture and tension. Works well for intros, outros and transitions, especially once automated.

Mean Beat Vocals HH1.wav & OHH.wav (Mouth Sounds aif - M.B. Drums)

Often I will vocalize a drum part on an urban track but it never sounds as cool as the way it does when I just make the sound live with my mouth, especially the hi hat. I love these sounds because it is essentially the exact same sound that I hear in my head when I emulate a hat with my mouth.

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