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Video using TouchOSC to control Reason...

posted 2009-02-12 at 19:27

Ok.. finally uploading this!

Any questions please email me.

And here is the OSCulator template.

http://www.propellerheads.se/substance/product-specialist/img/b log/TouchOSC Template.oscd



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Comment posted by: tonalaxis - 2009-02-12 21:15

I've tried getting OSCemote running on my PC set up without any success the whole process for PC isn't as well implemented as running it on the Mac.
I also looked into something called iTM pad which is much easier and all you need is a virtual Midi Cable running(something like loopbe1) and a program called iTouchMidi(Pc and Mac).

iTM Pad acts like an x/y controller and you can assign all functions easily within Reason so no Templates needed.
This software Dev also makes a matrix controller, keyboard and other iTouch/phone apps.


Worth looking into if your on the PC or Mac

Comment posted by: sonic389 - 2009-08-19 13:48

Thanks for the video, it was very helpful - I'm now up and running!

Comment posted by: emdezet - 2009-10-21 12:33

Is that your BlackBook running its fans like crazy?
How do you bear it?

Comment posted by: powergimp - 2009-12-29 14:33

im trying to get going with a wii remote but im having massive trouble trying to figure out scaling. can you help?

Comment posted by: jascot - 2010-11-16 01:57

any ideas on how to get touchOSC to work with Kong, using the simple layout?

Comment posted by: PrinceDoug - 2012-04-13 13:02

I found a cool website for ALL templates for reason/record devices. you do have to pay for it but they have made some good templates.