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52 Reason and Record Tips Week 8 - Create Drum Replacement in Record

posted 2010-04-09 at 13:42

"Bro... that snare drum track we recorded last night sounds weak.. I wish we could replace it with this fat snare sample"...

In this weeks episode I show how to achieve drum replacement using the cv out of audio drum tracks to trigger sampled drum parts.

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Comment posted by: PunkMunkey - 2010-04-09 16:33

Nice tutorial. I can't wait to try this using reason drumkits for the replacement samples.

Comment posted by: cpr23 - 2010-04-19 05:51

Thanks James! I just gave that technique a try with live beatboxing with some interesting results.. I'll let you know if I polish it up.. :)

Comment posted by: James Bernard - 2010-04-21 16:07


Would love to see/hear the results of that!