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52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 37: Parallel Processing

posted 2010-11-04 at 14:38

The War of the Roses, the Cold War, or the Pepsi/Coke War... all these have come before us but we are currently locked in a much tougher battle known as "The Loudness War." Producers everywhere are fighting with everything they have to out-blast each other on the radio, in clubs, and iPods earbuds around the world.

When you want to "go nuclear" in the loudness war, your best weapon of choice will be something known as parallel processing. It adds punch, bass, or crunch to your tracks while maintaining audio fidelity at the same time. This week I'll show you how to do parallel processing in Reason/Record.

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Comment posted by: 1976sven - 2010-11-11 17:04

Did you have seen the Week37 by James Bernand ? - from his wonderful podcast at the propellerhead site ? - You say YES! and the Paralell processing thematic is for you as well very intressting, but you to lame for recreating your template song ? - Wait! maustaste has the answer. Download and use only my new updated tem...plate song and you will get 24channel, with 3x paralell channels on each as seperates.

The Template Song contains 24 channels , 10 seperate channels for each redrum ouput, Kong and Octarex, then 2 channels for audio (vocals ie), 3 sidechained channels (pad,bass) one dual trancegate channel and all nicly in seperate coulour code for optimal using. Hope you like it.DLSize just 22mb. Because the Tower of Paris is inside too. lol. leave a comment.....

Regards and big greetings to all and too James from Maustate

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Comment posted by: 1976sven - 2010-11-11 17:08

"Maustaste" greets James Bernand And all Other Reason / Record Users !!! More stuff are on my own site at maustaste-soundwelt.de