ReWire Tutorial Article Logic 7 - Step 1: Launching and quitting

Starting a ReWire session is as simple as launching the applications in the correct order:

1. First launch Logic.


2. When Logic has finished loading, launch Reason. Reason will automatically enter ReWire slave mode, as indicated on the Hardware Interface. This means that all audio now is handled by Logic – the ReWire host.

3. Press Play in Logic. Reason's playback will automatically start as well. The two programs play, stop, rewind and locate in perfect sync. You can use the transport panel in either program and both programs will respond. Reason will also respond to any tempo changes made in Logic. However, as you may have noticed, no audio is being transmitted from Reason to Logic at this stage. To hear Reason, we first need to open up a ReWire channel in the host.

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Step 2: Routing Audio