ReWire Tutorial Article Logic 7 - Step 2: Routing Audio

Reason has 64 ReWire channels, selectable as either stereo or mono channels - that means you can use up to 64 separate audio channels from Reason. For now, let's activate the first channels. These correspond to the main stereo out in Reason.

1. In Logic, make sure you have the Arrangement window up on screen.

2. Create a track


3. In the channel strip on the left hand side of the Arrangement window, pull down the "Channel" menu and select ReWire Stereo -> Reason -> RW:Mix L/R (see image).

4. Try playing back some sound in Reason.

An easy way to do this at this point is to play a drum pattern from a Redrum device (the more advanced option, playing devices via MIDI, is described in Step 3). When the Redrum is playing you should see the level meters move for the ReWire channel in Logic's mixer, and you should hear the sound from the outputs.

If this all works, you have sucessfully set up a basic ReWire connection! This setup for example allows you to have Reason play a background track while you record vocals or other audio tracks in Logic.

But ReWire isn't only about audio. We can also use Logic's MIDI capabilities to control Reason's devices, just like you would do with a hardware synth. If you want to know how to transmit MIDI from Logic to Reason – proceed to the next step!

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