ReWire Tutorial Article ProTools - Introduction: What is ReWire?

ReWire ProTools

ReWire is a system for transferring audio data from one application to another, in real time. Basically, you could view ReWire as an "invisible audio cable" that connects two computer programs.

ReWire allows you to stream audio in real time from Reason to a ReWire host application (such as ProTools), play/stop and move the playback cursor with both programs in perfect sync.

ReWire also provides for sending MIDI data between two applications (in both directions). This allows you to send MIDI from the ReWire host to Reason for external MIDI control of Reason’s instrument and effect devices.

On the following pages we'll walk you through the process of setting up a ReWire session with Reason and Digidesign ProTools.

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Step 1: A Basic ReWire Setup