Working with Patches - save, save but different!

This month your friends at the Customer Care dept. bring you two tips on how to make your savings last:

Backing up your Favorite lists

The Favorites list in the Reason Browser is an invaluable tool to organize and access patches and files located here and there all over your system. These lists are stored in your "Reason Preferences" file, located in your preferences folder.

So what do you do if you've put down the time and effort on creating your dear Favorites lists, just to discover you need to reinstall your OS or work on another computer? It's not as simple as just moving the Prefs file, but not far from it.

Here's how to save a Favorite list:

  1. In Reason, create a new document.
  2. Select "Create Device by Browsing Patches".
  3. Select a patch from the Favorites list you want to save. Anyone will do. Click "OK" to create a device using that very patch.
  4. Save the song. Why not call it "My Favorite.rns"?

Once you want to restore your Favorite list, proceed as follows:

  1. Locate the "My Favorite.rns" document previously created.
  2. Open the patch browser for the device in this document and make sure the "Show" drop down menu is set to "All Instruments". Now, doesn't the patch list look familiar? It should be identical to the favorite list you chose the patch from.
  3. Create a new Favorites list in the Browser. Finally, select all patches in the document browse list and drag them to this new Favorites list to complete the restore.

The Combinator - your storage cabinet

The Combinator can be used for more than creating layered sounds, splits and ingenious effect routings - it's also a little box to put things in. You can use it to save things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to save.

For example, there's no Save Pattern button on the Matrix device, so we'll use the Combinator instead. Create a couple of curve patterns that you often use, right click and select Combine from the context menu. You can now save the Combinator - and instantly load up your Matrix patterns as a patch for use in your songs.

The same thing goes for the Redrum - if you find yourself programming the same basic beats over and over again, combine it, save as a patch and you'll never have to program that four on the floor groove again.

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