From the support guys: We wish you a merry Christmas and a Reason upgrade

In anticipation of all those christmas stockings stuffed with Reason upgrades, the wizards of the support department put your update-angst-ridden mind at ease.

Hey, I'm dying to get the Reason version 4 upgrade for my new computer but / the dog won't let go of my Reason 3 disc set! / my copy of Reason 1 only installs on OS 9, right? / insert relevant mishap or incompatibility here.

Don't worry. The upgrade will install on it's own. You don't need – and shouldn't have – an older version of Reason on your system. The Reason version 4 DVD contains everything you need to install Reason version 4.

What you need is a valid Reason license number registered to your user account, and the upgrade to match the license type you have. When you register your upgrade you will obtain your new license number, which Reason will ask for the first time you launch the application.

Reason version 4 is of course fully backwards compatible, and will open all songs, patches and ReFills made and used by your previous Reason version.

I'm not a computer wiz like you guys. I'm about to install the upgrade to Reason version 4 on my Mac and I'm afraid I'll mess things up. Anything I need to keep in mind?

On Mac OS X Reason does not make use of an installer application. Instead, the Reason folder will have to be copied manually to the Applications folder on your hard drive. If you're upgrading from a previous version, you might already have a folder named "Reason" in your Applications folder. Note that if you choose to replace this folder with the new Reason version 4 folder, all the contents of your Reason 3 folder will also be replaced.

Never store song files, patches, third party ReFills or any other files that you might not be able to get hold of again in your Reason folder! And remember to backup all precious data before installing an update. Just to be on the safe side.

My sources say Santa is likely to bring me a new computer in the near future. Will Reason version 4 install right out of the box?

Most likely, yes! However, be aware that your music system does not consist of software alone. If you're about to upgrade to Windows Vista/Mac OS X Leopard or getting a new computer, make sure all your hardware (audio card, MIDI interface, keyboards and what not) is compatible. Reason is.

Happy Holidays!

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