Currently, at the Customer Care dept.

We asked the customer care department to list the most frequent and important questions we are getting. Here is their list. And it comes with answers too! These guys are so sweet.

Q: I'm thinking of getting a MacBook. Do I need to upgrade my Reason 3?

A: Yes. Download and install the Reason 3.0.5 update to get compatibility with the new Intel Macs. This is a free update, available to all registered Reason 3 users. Just log in to your user account and follow the link

Q: I'm running Reason 3.0.5 on my new MacBook and it works great, thanks! Problem is that it doesn't show up in [insert my ReWire capable DAW here] anymore. What's happening?

A: To be able to use ReWire on the Intel Mac, both the client and the host app needs to be of the same binary version, preferably Universal Binary. Make sure you're running Reason 3.0.5 and check that your DAW is Universal Binary as well. Universal Binary versions were introduced in the following versions of the most common ReWire hosts:

  • Apple Logic Pro/Express 7.2.1
  • Ableton Live 5.2
  • Digidesign Pro Tools 7.3
  • Pro Tools HD 7.2.1
  • Pro Tools LE 7.1.1 / M-Powered 7.1.1
  • MOTU Digital Performer 5.1

Q: My new computer's got Vista pre-installed. Will it run Reason 3?

A: It will, provided you've got Reason 3.0.4. Just make sure you're logged in as admin when you install and authorize Reason. The same thing goes for ReCycle 2.1 and Reload 1.0.1.

Q: I'm about to install Vista on my PC. Anything I should think about, Reason considered?

A: Keep your Reason 3 disc set and your license number at hand. The first time you launch Reason 3 on your updated system, you will be asked to reauthorize it.

Q: Am I still going to be able to ReWire Reason to my DAW after moving to Vista? How about using my Rex files?

A: As well as Reason 3.0.4, ReWire and Rex are also compatible with Windows Vista. Some stuff has changed in the installation though, to meet up with the improved security in Vista. This means you need to run a special installer of ReWire and Rex to make things work like they're supposed to. Just follow this link to get the installer and further instructions.

Q: I just got myself a shiny new laptop, but already installed Reason on my desktop computer. Can I install Reason on my laptop as well so I can make some beats even when I'm away from home?

A: Yes, you can! The License Agreement (which can be found in the Reason/Documentations folder) allows you to install and use Reason on two separate computers simultaneously, as long as you're the single user. You can even use the same license number for both computers, and you won't have to register your second installation with us on our web site!

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