From the Support Department: Working creatively with REX files.

This time, we'd like you to take a look at your REX files in a slightly different way, giving the individual slices the attention they seldom get! Let's leave our familiar Dr. REX for a moment, and let the loops get to know the NN-XT and the Redrum a little better.

For starters, did you know Rex files can be opened as a patch in the NNXT Advanced Sampler? This allows for much more control over the individual slices than when using the Dr.REX device. For example, you can have unique filter and envelope settings for each slice. Slices can also be reversed, or grouped and sent to different outputs. This is very useful if you for example want to add reverb to only the snare slices of a drum loop.

If you've found the perfect groove, but the kick drum just doesn't fit in your song, load the REX file into an NNXT and replace the bass drum slices with a sample that does have the right sound. It's as simple as double-clicking the kick slices in the NNXT remote editor and locating the sample - or even a REX slice from another loop!

If you fancy putting together your own drum kits for the Redrum device, you'll be happy to find that REX slices can be loaded individually into the Redrum channels, just as separate audio files. March 2007 1 Just press the "Browse Sample" folder button for a Redrum channel and start gathering your sounds: grab the kick from one loop, the snare from another and some hihats from a third.

But why restrict yourself to drum loops? ReCycle can slice up just about anything you feed into it - check out the videos of Mocean Worker and DJ Babu for more inspiration on how to use ReCycle and REX Files creatively in the Artist Stories section.

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