When Reason won't play

We work very hard to reply to support questions as soon as humanely possible, but even the Propellerhead support department sometimes need to sleep or take a day off to go to the Frankfurt Musikmesse and play with the immensely cool Tenori On. Or maybe you're just on the other side of the world and are sound asleep when we're working and awake when we're asleep, you strange person you!

We've prepared two articles for these occasions. When it all goes pear shaped and the support department is sleeping like a baby, this should be your first stop for kicking some life into Reason:

Reason 4 Doesn't Launch (Mac)

Reason 4 Doesn't Launch (Windows)

And if this doesn't do it - send us an e-mail. We'll get back to you before you can say Rack Jobinson. Promise.

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