Broken references in Favorite Lists in Reason 9 to patches in “All Instrument Patches”

In Reason 8.2 and earlier there was a folder in the Factory Sound Bank called “All Instrument Patches”. In Reason 9 the “All Instrument Patches” folder has been removed. Instead, the best patches from the “All Instrument Patches” folder have been moved to the “Reason 9 Sounds” ReFill.

If you have any Favorite Lists from a previous Reason version that contained references to the “All Instrument Patches” folder, these will be broken in Reason 9. The patches still exist in the Factory Sounds ReFill - in the respective instrument folder - but you will have to search for, and replace these patches in your Favorite List(s).

Here is an example of an old Favorite List in Reason 8, where the patches come from the “All Instrument Patches” folder:


In Reason 9, the same Favorite List looks as follows:


Since there is no “All Instrument Patches” folder in Reason 9, the patches show up with warning signs.

Now, click the “Factory Sounds” ReFill icon in the Locations list, then type in the patch name in the Search field and hit Enter (or click the Search button):


The “Absolute FM Ramper” Thor patch now shows up in the Browse List. Drag and drop the patch to the “My Favorite” Favorite List:


Repeat the Search and drag & drop procedure for the remaining patches. Remember to always click the “Factory Sounds” Location before you enter the patch name in the Search field!

When you have found and dragged & dropped all the patches to your favorite List, it will look as follows:


Now, delete the old “broken” patches (with the warning signs) by selecting them and then right clicking and selecting “Delete Favorite(s)…” from the context menu: