Bug in Reason 9.2/Reason Essentials 9.2 resulting in “Bad format”


Unfortunately, we have discovered a bug in Reason 9.2/Reason Essentials 9.2.

If you load a Reason song document or a combi-patch that includes a non-installed Rack Extension and then (re)save the song using Reason 9.2/Reason Essentials 9.2  the song can’t be opened (and shows up with a “Bad Format” alert).
We are currently working on fixing this bug and will release an automatic bug-fix update within a couple of weeks.
Please note that your song documents are NOT damaged in any way – you will be able to open them again in the bug-fix update just fine.
To prevent this bug from affecting your songs, delete (or replace) all missing Rack Extensions in your songs before you (re)save your songs in Reason 9.2/Reason Essentials 9.2.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you!