Propellerhead products and macOS High Sierra


We are happy to report that the following Propellerhead products are compatible with Apple’s new macOS High Sierra. Before upgrading to macOS High Sierra, make sure you’ve updated to one of these versions.

The following products are compatible with macOS High Sierra:

  • Reason 10
  • Reason 9.5.2
  • Reason Essentials 10
  • Reason Essentials 9.5.2
  • ReCycle 2.2.4
  • ReFill Packer 8.2

The following products are NOT compatible with macOS High Sierra:

  • Reason 9.5.1 and earlier
  • Reason Essentials 9.5.1 and earlier
  • Reason Limited 1.5.3 and earlier



Due to Appleā€™s introduction of a completely new file system (APFS) in macOS High Sierra, many older versions are not compatible. This means that Propellerhead products before Reason 9.5.2 will not work correctly after updating to the latest version of macOS. Using macOS High Sierra may in some cases even damage your documents, rendering them unusable.

We strongly recommend you NOT to upgrade to macOS High Sierra if you intend to use earlier versions of Propellerhead products on your computer.

Also note that if you are using the optional CodeMeter application for offline authorization (Computer/Ignition Key/Balance), please await further information regarding macOS High Sierra compatibility.