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Rack Extension Subscription

  • What is Subscription and how does it work?
    • As an alternative to purchasing Rack Extensions one by one, subscription makes it possible to subscribe monthly (30-day periods) to a selection of Rack Extensions of your choice.
    • Subscription only applies to Rack Extension devices – not to software (e.g. Reason), ReFills or VSTs.
    • Subscription Rack Extensions can only be used with Internet verification (by logging in from Reason/Reason Essentials). You cannot write subscribed Rack Extension licenses to a computer or Ignition Key.
    • There are three subscription Pack sizes:
      You can subscribe to one Pack at a time. That is, you cannot combine Packs.
    • You can customize (add/remove) your Rack Extension configuration in your Pack using the Subscribe-o-meter. It’s the full price that is counted in the Subscribe-o-meter. Rebates and promos have no effect. Once a product is added to a subscription, its price doesn’t change, even if the developer releases an update and raises the price.
    • Not all Rack Extensions are available for subscription; it’s up to the Rack Extension developer to decide if they want to participate or not. The “approved” Rack Extensions are listed in the Subscribe-o-meter, and have an “Add to subscription” button on their product page.
    • When you are happy with your Rack Extension selection, you check out by clicking the Subscribe button. After checkout, you are taken to a download page, where you can download your selected Rack Extensions.
    • The shortest period to subscribe to a specific Rack Extension device is 30 days – the so-called Exchange Lock period.
    • You can view your current subscription on your Products page at any time.
  • Why can’t I see my subscribed Rack Extensions when my computer is offline?

    Subscribed Rack Extensions are online only and cannot be written to a computer or Ignition Key.

  • Can I upgrade to a larger subscription Pack?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a larger Pack immediately. A new billing and Exchange Lock period is started, and your old subscription is automatically removed. No money is refunded for the earlier (removed) subscription.

  • I’d like to buy one of the Rack Extensions I subscribe to. How do I do that?

    You have to manually remove the Rack Extension from your subscription account, otherwise it will stay in there. Read more…

  • I’d like to replace one of the Rack Extensions I subscribe to. How do I do that?

    Simply go to the shop and change the pack in the Subscribe-O-Meter. The new Rack Extension will become available right away if an Exchange Lock period has ended – or after an ongoing Exchange Lock period ends. Read more…

  • When can I change the Rack Extension content of my subscription Pack?
    • If you are not in an Exchange Lock period, you can change Rack Extensions immediately. A new 30-day Exchange Lock period then starts.
    • If you are in an Exchange Lock period you can still change the content of your Pack, but it is “pending” until the current Exchange Lock period has ended. A new 30-day Exchange Lock period then starts.
    • Immediately if you upgrade your subscription to a larger Pack.


  • When am I charged money for my subscription?

    Every 30-day billing period, starting at the subscription date. Note that you are charged every thirty days regardless of the month, meaning your payment date of the month often changes. Read more…

  • What payment methods are available for subscriptions?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Read more…

  • What will happen to my remaining days when I upgrade to a larger Pack?

    Your previous subscription will be automatically removed and replaced by the new larger Pack. No money is refunded for the remaining days of your previous subscription.

  • What happens if there is not enough money on my account?

    If there is not enough money on your account at a billing date, three (3) attempts will be made to withdraw the money. An email will be sent to you each time. If there is still not enough money on your account after the third attempt, the subscription will be automatically cancelled and the Pack configuration will be erased.

  • I want the Large Pack. And a Medium. And a Standard.

    Sorry, you can only subscribe to one Pack size at a time.

  • How and when can I unsubscribe?

    To unsubscribe/cancel your subscription, log in to your Propellerhead account, go here and click the “Cancel subscription” button. The cancellation becomes effective after the current 30-day billing period has ended. No money will be refunded.

  • Can I “downgrade” to a smaller subscription Pack?

    Yes, to downgrade go to the shop and remove Rack Extensions until you get below the limit for the current subscription Pack. The downgrade will take effect after the current billing period has ended.

System Requirements

  • What do I need to be able to use Rack Extensions?
    • Rack Extensions made with Rack Extension SDK1 require Reason 6.5 or later, or Reason Essentials 1.5 or later.
    • Rack Extensions made with Rack Extension SDK2 require Reason 7.1 or later, or Reason Essentials 2.1 or later.
    • Rack Extensions made with Rack Extension SDK2.5 require Reason 9.2 or later, or Reason Essentials 9.2 or later.

    An active Internet connection is required to access the Propellerhead Shop and to install the Rack Extensions on your computer. Read more…

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