I have received a shipping confirmation, but the package has not arrived within expected time!

Delivery time varies a lot. We ship all orders as fast as we possibly can, but other things can happen after that. Sometimes, packages get stuck in customs. The customs in your country might want to open the package and examine the contents. This usually doesn’t cause any delay, but in some cases the customs people might hold on to the package for some time before they release it. We have no control over that. If you have selected UPS shipment and the package doesn’t show up, it’s possible that your local UPS office has been unable to reach you. Maybe you forgot to fill in your phone number on the order form. Maybe you were not home when UPS called or visited. In any case, it’s a good idea to call your local UPS office (you’ll find the telephone number at ups.com) and/or use the UPS tracking function to locate your package.