What shipping methods do you offer?

While most of our products are offered as downloads, some hardware items are still physically  delivered. In which case we offer three different shipping methods:

UPS (United Parcel Service) Express

Convenient, and with a very high level of security – this is our recommended shipping method. UPS packages are insured – and practically never delayed or lost. It’s also very fast, and with excellent tracking service. Through this page, you can get instructions on how to track your UPS package while it is in transit. Try it, it’s fun! And it’s also delivered straight to your door.


Shipping (business) days

Europe 2–4
USA 2–3
International 2–3


Express Mail (EuroLetter)

Though not as fast as UPS, Express mail is slightly faster than Air Mail. Unfortunately, the Express Mail alternative is not available in all countries. When you have selected your country in the shopping cart, you will be able to see if Express mail is available there or not.


Shipping (business) days

Sweden 1–2
Nordic & Baltic 2–5
Rest of Europe 5–10
International 5–15


Air Mail (First Class)

Air Mail is the most inexpensive alternative, and in most cases it works very well although it’s quite slow (up to 14 days depending on where you live). Unfortunately there is no way of tracking delayed or lost Air Mail packages. We recommend this option for Scandinavia and Northern Europe, since the difference in delivery time between Air Mail and Express Mail for these territories is negligible. Please note that lost packages shipped with Air Mail are not insured and will not be replaced. And there is no tracking option.


Shipping (business) days

Sweden 1-2
Nordic & Baltic 2-5
Rest of Europe 5-10
International 5-15


Delivery time

Remember that the estimated delivery time does not include order processing and handling! We usually process every order within one business day, but due do a varied workload and other circumstances we sometimes need more than one day. You must therefore add up to 3 business days to the estimated delivery time when you approximate the arrival date. Remember to account for weekends and national holidays! When your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation that your package is on its way.


Note to Swedish customers

All orders to Sweden are shipped with Airmail. This is because Airmail is just as fast as other options and less expensive.